LCYC's Child Advocacy Specialists

LCYC utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach in serving children.  LCYC collaborates with select independently contracted Child Advocacy Specialists.  Child Advocacy Specialists is a term used by KidsVoice in Pittsburgh, PA, it is broader than "social worker," and thus more aptly describes the variety of experts that make up our team.  Cumulatively, our Child Advocacy Specialists possess a range of experiences including, but not limited to the following: forensic social worker, investigator, Education Ombudsman/Legal Analyst, mitigation specialist, crisis intervention therapist, Family Treatment Court Program Manager, social service specialist with DSHS and public defense, financial specialist with DSHS, expert consultant for families on meeting a child's educational and mental health needs, Mental Health Projects Coordinator, TeamChild and public defense attorney.

Our current team of independently contracted Child Advocacy Specialists include:

Kelly Warner-King, JD

Nichelle Alderson, MSW, LSWAIC

Melissa Morrison, MPA

LCYC attorneys staff cases with our Child Advocacy Specialists to best ensure that each child's needs are met.  Child Advocacy Specialists assist LCYC attorneys and children we serve by brainstorming options for services, case plans, placement and permanency.  

Child Advocacy Specialists collaborate with LCYC attorneys in some of the following ways:

  • Conduct home studies
  • Develop service and safety plans for children with high needs 
  • Investigate and secure appropriate services for children with high needs
  • Create and implement transition plans for youth changing placement or returning from time spent in inpatient treatment

Child Advocacy Specialists help to improve child well-being and directly assist in moving cases forward to a positive resolution for the child.