lcyc's database, designed to improve and infoRM

LCYC's internal database helps us to collect and assess data.  We pull various information regarding the child before and during our representation, as well as case resolution.  Our focus to date has been largely on family contact, placement and permanency.  Over the past two years we have consistently found a correlation between the time at which an LCYC attorney is appointed and the child's placement and permanent home.  In 2015, we added an additional data review to see how many youth we represent are involved in their court proceedings through attendance at court or written declarations.  We also reviewed the various areas needing proactive advocacy on cases in and out of court such as family visitation, services and education.  

LCYC is committed to improving legal advocacy for youth and children both within our office and beyond.  It is our hope that the data collected and shared through our office will help us to improve our advocacy as well as inform other advocates and decision makers of the challenges children and families face within the child welfare system and the positive role an attorney may play in collaboratively helping to meet these challenges and actively protecting each child's unique legal rights.