If you would like to help children in need of our services please consider making a financial contribution or donating your time and energy when volunteer opportunities arise.  LCYC is a 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations are tax deductible.

Your financial contribution will help LCYC continue to work to improve outcomes for our community’s most vulnerable children.

Specifically, your gift will support LCYC's efforts to:

  • provide direct legal consultation to youth who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless due to unsafe caregivers and/or family crisis
  • help maintain and reunify children with their families
  • ensure that children are provided appropriate services, that family (including sibling) placement is prioritized, and that timely movement towards permanency occurs
  • advocate for children at school meetings and hearings regarding behavior and/or special education needs
  • collaborate with service providers, school, family and caregivers to best support each child and improve his or her well-being
  • file motions for the court to appoint legal counsel for children whose unique legal rights and interests are not being protected
  • maintain low caseloads, case plan with regular supervision, engage in, organize and present at up to date trainings on child development and new laws, to ensure high quality, holistic legal advocacy
  • improve the quality of and access to legal counsel for children in foster care throughout Washington