LCYC would love to hear about your experience working with our team. We welcome your feedback on how we can improve our direct services, community partnerships, and systemic advocacy. If you have worked with LCYC, and are 13 years or older, please provide us with feedback through this online form.

"I’m so glad LCYC exists! They set the standard for high quality ethical representation of children and youth..." -CASA Supervisor

"...To have that kind of quality service for young people is phenomenal. It is a partnership I would do just about anything to keep." - Service Provider

"The youth working with LCYC are getting personalized attention, catered to exactly what that youth needs....I know they put an extraordinary amount of work in. From all aspects of things.  Doing the holistic kind of representation they do is important - looking at a child's needs from all sides." - Legal Partner

"[LCYC attorneys] are a power house team member. They are able to really do what we can't and communicate in a system in a way that we can't. It cuts around the corners that we get stuck at a lot. Youth feel really empowered when they have a lawyer on their side." -Service Provider

"I appreciate that LCYC utilizes the youth voice so well in the work that is done. It is refreshing to see the youth really drive their own case because of the representation they receive from LCYC."    -Social Worker

"We are a therapeutic foster home, that receives foster youth with emotional and behavioral issues.  LCYC attorneys have always maintained a good relationship with my youth. For us, that is so stabilizing. I cannot tell you how many times the attorneys have gone above and beyond their jobs, to keep our youth feeling heard and cared for, without pandering to immature or angry demands.  Whenever I hear that I will be working with this agency, I feel like I have another vested team member. They make a huge difference in the life of my children, by being consistent and responsive."  - Foster Parent

"This is an absolutely vital organization for children..." - CASA Volunteer

"In social services, it's really easy for stuff to take forever. Everyone is so inundated and overwhelmed.  LCYC has been able to avoid that. They get back to youth really quickly. They recognize that youth need them to be responsive and time-sensitive."  -Service Provider.

The youth had “excellent legal representation...I heard her wishes loud and clear.”            - Judicial Officer

"The LCYC attorney is EXCELLENT in all areas of law and representation, specifically youth representation. The only attorney around who gets through the child’s point of view with handwritten declarations. They also actively support co-counsel and parents."  - Parent's Attorney

"I am so happy my child has an attorney. It has been an invaluable resource for them and a true voice to speak for them."  - Suitable Adult Caregiver

"LCYC attorneys have been instrumental in getting consent [from guardian for youth to stay in safe place]. That consent piece has prevented runaway status, which is, of course, related to homelessness." -Service Provider

"The LCYC attorney acts as an advocate – goes above and beyond! Thanks for being a valuable resource for the kids we serve."   -Foster Parent

"If a kid's homeless, if a youth has to worry about where I'm going to sleep tonight, they can't focus on school. LCYC is helping fulfill those fundamental needs for youth." -Legal Partner