Dollars invested in LCYC support direct representation, community partnerships, and systemic advocacy improving the well-being of young people and advancing their legal rights. LCYC is a 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

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If you have a passion for helping children and families, consider donating some of your time and talents to LCYC. If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity please email our Executive Director, Erin L. Lovell


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Has LCYC made a difference in your life or the life of someone you love? Have you witnessed LCYC's advocacy in or out of court? Why is LCYC important to you? Do you have suggestions to help us improve direct services or ideas on what systemic changes we should tackle together? We would love to hear from you!

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Stay connected with LCYC on Facebook. LCYC posts news, resources, and events relating to child welfare, juvenile court, youth and family immigration, and youth homelessness.

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Open Your Home

Washington is in need of more foster families for children of all ages, particularly older youth. LCYC teams with foster parents  to understand and meet the needs of each child in foster care. We appreciate the willingness of these amazing individuals for opening their home and hearts to children in need. If you are at all interested in sharing your home with a child, on a short term or forever basis, please consider learning more.

how to become a foster parent